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Why Make A Donation to KRFH?

Our station has been keeping the dream of student-run college radio alive in Humboldt County for the past 25 years.  Since our start in 1990, we've transitioned from a campus exclusive signal on 610 AM to a worldwide reach as one of the nation's first internet radio stations.  On April 18th, 2015, KRFH made its debut on the FM airwaves, allowing us to connect with the HSU and Northern Humboldt community like never before.  

KRFH-LP 60-54dBu map (theater site).jpg

When you make a donation to KRFH, you are helping to promote a diverse media landscape in this community.  We proudly adhere to an entirely free-form structure, meaning that our 80+ DJ's are allowed to play anything they want within FCC guidelines.  This allows students to thrive in a hands-on, experience driven program that will give them life skills that they will carry on in to their futures, whether that involves broadcast or not.  

Where does my Support go?

Your donation will go towards further enriching the KRFH experience for future generations.  As competition for student fee-based funding becomes more competitive and what can be done with that funding becomes more restricted, we are hoping that support from people like  you will allow the station to supplement its operational costs and continue its growth trend over the years to come.

Here is a breakdown of how we intend to utilize donations:

  • Studio Equipment - Replacing vital studio equipment such as 15-year old boards and our Telecom system from the 80s.
  • Performance Equipment - This includes equipment used by our specialty programs and live events.  We are currently working towards replacing the mixing board in the Lixx Lounge which is on its last legs.  
  • Events - We are happy to put on concerts several times a semester, but we are often hindered by our lack of resources to put on larger events.  Extra funding for KRFH events will help strengthen our ties to the community and increase listener-ship while giving students great planning experience.  
  • Promotion - By allocating more resources to our promotion team, we can greatly increase listenership, secure steady enrollment, and assure that there are great turnouts to our events and specialty shows.
  • Travel - From time to time, we are recognized by state and national college broadcasting organizations for our programming.  Some of your donation may go towards helping hard working student DJ's and newscasters to travel to these annual conferences to receive awards and/or give presentations.  
  • Emergency Fund - A portion of each donation will be transferred in to the KRFH Trust account, which will be available only in case of FCC fine or vital equipment breakdown.
  • Administrative - A small portion of your donation may go towards purchasing office supplies, redecoration, paint, or other miscellaneous day-to-day costs.

Request Line: 707-826-6077