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Song of the Week

Setlist: The Meadery 10/1

Catch The Meadery every Wednesday from 10-11pm. 

Pelicans – Monster Rally (Pelicans, 2016)*

Wish – Cymbals Eat Guitars (Pretty Years, 2016)*

69 Stones – Titus Andronicus (S+@dium Rock: Five Nights at the Opera, 2016)


Serf to Serf – No Age (Separation b/w Serf to Serf, 2016)*

Party Politics – The Mae Shi (Hlllyh, 2008)

Dead City / Waste Wilderness – Abe Vigoda (Skeleton, 2008)

Blank Reflection – Nots (Cosmetic, 2016)*


**Calvin Johnson Block**

Can We Kiss – Calvin Johnson (What Was Me, 2004)

On A Tip – The Halo Benders (God Don't Make No Junk, 1994)

Bury The Hammer – Beat Happening (You Turn Me On, 1992)

Hotter Than Hott – Selector Dub Narcotic (Hotter Than Hott, 2016)*


Empress Rising – Monolord (Empress Rising, 2014)

(*indicates a new release) 

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