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Album Review: FOUR by One Direction

One Direction’s newly released “FOUR” is as similar to their previous albums as much as it is different. Their sound is still that of the well-known type of the boy band, but there is also a new, but nostalgic, sound to this album. Unlike their older albums, the group harmonizes beautifully and in a haunting tone. The song “Fireproof” can trigger the feeling someone gets when listening to Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers. Of course, their songs are mostly love ballads, or contain lyrics about an irresistible but generically described girl. “Night Changes” gives off the vibes the Beach Boys do, but in a chill, more sophisticated way. They are still upbeat, in their cereal box prize kind of way, but One Direction is becoming more original. The five men in the boy band all had a huge part in writing for “FOUR”; all five of them collaborated writing for two of the songs, and have separately written lyrics for the rest of this album. Ed Sheeran wrote “18” for One Direction, a song that talks (or sings) about the evolution of innocent, teenage love to deeper, more mature passion. “Change Your Ticket” is enticing, calling out to you and it’s possible it could make you smile. Although this isn’t the best album they’ve had so far, One Direction continues to evolve and transform their music, one album after another.

By Charlotte deJoya

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