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Album Review: Otherness by Kindness

   Otherness by Kindness


Otherness by Kindness

“Swingin’ Party”, an unsettling, beautiful track was released in 2009. Adam Bainbridge impressed many with his debut album, World, You Need a Change of Mind—it was produced so perfectly, giving many the impression that he wanted to prove something. His recently released sophomore album, Otherness, released October 16th, proves otherwise; it presents an openness that lends itself pretty consistently through out the album. Jazz, funk, and R&B are all pretty prevalent in almost every song, some actually being pretty infectious, others disappointing. Bainbridge gives us excellent tracks, featuring Robyn and Kelela, both who give excellent vocals but there is a blandness in the lyrics that are actually really distracting since the rhythm and majority of the vocals are hauntingly beautiful and catchy.

By Frances Ramos

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