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Album Review: Sadnecessary by Milky Chance

German folk pop duo, Milky Chance has just released their debut album Sadnecessary. The band consists of lead vocalist Clemens Rehbein and Philipp Dausch as DJ. Mixing folk, electronica and rock the duo has discovered a rare vine of music that is currently washing over the airwaves. Their hit single “Stolen Dance” is one of the most popular songs of the summer, but this track is just the tip of the iceberg.

The eleven track album is a solid first effort by the band and is a great introduction to one of Germany’s most popular rising acts. Sadnecessary begins with the mid-tempo beats and relaxed vocals of Rehbein, as he belts out the lyrics to “Stunner”. This quickly transitions to one of the records most upbeat tracks, “Flashed Junk Mind” that is easily one of the more notable songs on the record. Things slow down considerably with the next three songs, “Becoming”, “Running” and earlier released fan favorite “Feathery”. The almost lazy vocals of Rehbein carry the three tracks at a plodding pace with soft beats and gentle guitar strumming. Lyrically intricate and catchy, the three songs sync together extremely well.

A short respite courtesy of the one minute and a half long song “Indigo”, leads into the title track of the album. “Sadnecessary” is the part of the album where things begin to pick up again in terms of energy. The song is a pleasant introduction to the more energetic and shall we say upbeat side of the album. Transitioning to the beautiful melodic guitar play from Rehbein on standout track “Down By The River”, the band picks up the pace through sheer instrumental talent. The hook filled song leads into the joyous sounding “Sweet Sun”. Reihben almost raps through the whole entire track as Daush lays down fast paced electronica to give the song a considerable kick.

The final two tracks end the album on a very laid back note. “Fairytale” unfortunately ceases any momentum that the previous track garnered but is a good interlude to the highlight of the record. Chart topping single “Stolen Dance” is the bands international hit and is filled to the brim with catchy hooks and one memorable chorus. Ending on a high note with their most well known song is a time honored strategy that bands love to implement. This is a track that has put the duo on the map and is an excellent way to conclude their debut album. Despite the tendency to build momentum before slowing down the pace for one or two slower paced tracks, Milky Chance has managed to create a brilliant piece of art that will satisfy their growing fan base.

Final Grade: B

Written by Tyler Bossio

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